Adopt a Nanay Program

About the Program

This program seeks to bring poor entrepreneurial mothers (called Nanays) online, enhance their digital selling skills, build their entrepreneurial capabilities and help sell their products.  

To achieve these objectives, the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) partnered with, the Philippines' first and only assisted digital selling platform for micro-entrepreneurs.  The platform is powered by Shopify, one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world.  

The first phase of the collaboration between PBSP and supported by Give2Asia, a US-based partner of PBSP, resulted in the adoption of 135 new Nanays in, the introduction of 753 Nanays into digital marketing, and the training of 100 food-producing Nanays in food safety and hygiene. Following the lead of PBSP and Give2Asia, more organizations and individuals have expressed interest in supporting the program by adopting Nanays in

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Why is there a need to adopt Nanays in 

A platform like would normally sustain itself by charging the online vendors a one-time joining fee and a regular platform maintenance fee.  However, a great number of poor entrepreneurial mothers who deserve to be on the platform cannot afford to pay even modest joining fees and platform maintenance fees because their businesses are just barely surviving at this time.  To solve this problem, organizations and individuals can adopt Nanays by defraying the costs of onboarding them in and keeping them in the platform for three years, digitally promoting their products, and enhancing their entrepreneurial skills.

2.  How much does it cost to adopt a Nanay?

The cost to adopt one Nanay is Php5,000 for three years or Php4.60 per day. 

3.  Can I choose the Nanay that I will adopt?

If the adopter wishes, he may identify a poor entrepreneurial Nanay that he will adopt and refer them to for vetting.  However, he may also give the responsibility to choose the Nanay that he will sponsor from among the many poor entrepreneurial mothers desiring to be onboarded into 

3.  Apart from helping the adopted Nanay get onboarded into, is there anything else expected from the adopter?

Adopters are encouraged to participate in activities and events that engage the Nanays and enhance their entrepreneurial and digital skills as well as their personal well-being.  Since these activities are regularly announced in the Iskaparate Community Facebook Group, adopters are invited to join this Group.  Adopters will also be furnished a periodic report on the progress of the specific Nanay that they adopted.  

4.  I am interested to adopt a Nanay.  How do I proceed?  

You may fill up a very simple form by clicking the following link:

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