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Purchase Filipino Sweets, Candy, and Desserts Online

Looking for a delicious treat that is both sweet and authentically Filipino? Then be sure to check out the selection of sweets and Filipino desserts online on Iskaparate! From polvoron to Pinoy cacao chocolate for sale, Philippine dried mangoes and kakanin, we have a wide variety of Filipino favorites that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Cakes & Dessert Bars

Manila Cookie Story Baby Jeepney Tins


Cakes & Dessert Bars

Manila Cookie Story (Resealable Pouch)


Candy & Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Bar 62% Cacao


Cakes & Dessert Bars

Homemade Belgian Waffles


Candy & Chocolate



Sugar & Sweeteners

Honey 250ml (Light)


Cakes & Dessert Bars

Manila Cookie Story Jeepney Tins (Big)


Buy Pinoy Chocolate and Other Desserts for Sale

When you buy sweets and Pinoy desserts for sale from our online Pinoy buy and sell marketplace , you're supporting local businesses and farmers. Our delicious treats, Filipino chocolate candy, and authentic desserts are made with fresh, local ingredients, and they're free of preservatives and artificial flavors. Plus, when you order Filipino desserts online from us, we’ll make sure to deliver them right to your door! Buy Filipino snacks and desserts from Iskaparate today.

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