Cheese, Dips and Spreads

Buy Cheese Online in the Philippines and Support Local Businesses

Iskaparate is the best place to buy dips and spreads online. Our selection of local cheese from the Philippines is sure to delight your taste buds too. From nuggets to bars, we have a variety of kesong puti for sale.

We also have a wide selection of spreads for you to choose from. Try our ube jam, Pili Nut peanut butter, or yema spread. We’re sure you’ll love them!


Kesong puti (100 grams)


Dips & Spreads

Coco Jam



Gruyere 60 grams



Pecorino Romano


Dips & Spreads

Zappuro Pili Peanut Butter (No Sugar)


Dips & Spreads

Good Shepherd Ube Jam 12 oz





Dips & Spreads

Premium Cacao Chocolate Spread



Kesong Puti (200g)


Dips & Spreads

Coco Jam (300g)


Dips & Spreads

Strawberry Preserve 12oz


Cheese, Dips, and Spreads from the Philippines for Sale

When you buy dips and spreads from the Philippines you get authentic products made from fresh ingredients. Not only that, but you also uplift the local market and help micro-entrepreneurs.

So, if you’re into cheesy treats, buy delicious palaman from the Philippines today and indulge yourself!

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