Maria Sophia Guillarte

Si Ate Maria Sophia Guillarte ay mula sa Mandaluyong City. Ang kanyang negosyo na Photographia ay kanyang itinatag nuong Agosto 2021.



Photo and Video Event - price starts 4,899


  • A4 Frame ( 1 chosen photo)
  • Portfolio/album (20-40 pages magazine type)
  • 10 pcs poloroid pictures
  • save the date / higlights of the main event
  • raw and edited photos will be sent thru 8gb flash drive

if not one of the 4 big events, 1.5K include Photographer and Videographer with edit and A4 Frame

prices may vary depending on preferred location and time limit

Php100 reservation fee, non-refundable



Contact Details: 




Maria Sophia Guillarte


12 J. Fabella Rd, Plainview, Mandaluyong City


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